XeThru Explorer for Windows v2.5.2

The XeThru Explorer Software for your Windows computer

  1. XeThru Explorer v2.5.2

    Bjørn Erik Nilsen
    This version comes with the following changes:
    • Bug fixes
    • Support for X4M200 breathing pattern
    • Updated ModuleConnector to v1.4.2
    • Updated FW to v1.3.1
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  2. XeThru Explorer V 2.5.0

    Bjørn Erik Nilsen
    This version comes with the following changes:
    • Added support for X4M200
    • Added support for playback from recording (X4M200 and X4M300)
    • Added interactive 3D view visualizing pulse-doppler data
    • Added options to delete and store noise map on sensor
    • Bug fixes for X4M300
    • Updated ModuleConnector to v1.2.2
    • Updated FW to v1.2.1
  3. XeThru Explorer V 2.4.0-beta

    Bjørn Erik Nilsen
    Change overview:
    * Updates ModuleConnector to V 1.1.8
    * Updates X4M300 FW to V 1.1.4
    * Adds support for X4M300 modules with hardware X4M02 Rev. 6
    * Adds support for UART
    * Bug fixes for X4M300
  4. Added USB drivers to zip-resource

    Bjørn Erik Nilsen
    Zip-file updated with Change log and readme.txt files.
  5. Support for X4 based modules

    Bjørn Erik Nilsen
    • Added support for X4M300
    • Added support for X4M300 Presence profile:
      • Movement slow and fast with distance resolution
      • Movement slow and fast history
      • Distance to closest target
      • Baseband views
      • Recording of presence single and presence movinglist
    • Bug fixes for X2M200
    • Compatible with Module Connector
  6. Baseband view

    Bjørn Erik Nilsen
    - View of MovementFast and MovementSlow data from Sleep Profile in X2M200.
    - View for baseband data for both Sleep and Respiration Profile in X2M200.
    - Support for viewing up to 300 seconds of history for State, Distance, RPM and Movement data.
  7. Sleep profile log file format updated

    Bjørn Erik Nilsen
    Changelog XeThru Explorer

    - sleep profile log file format updated
  8. Support for X2M200 module

    Bjørn Erik Nilsen
    New version of Xethru Explorer with support for X2M200 respiration module. RAW data output to baseband I/Q + Amplitude & Phase.
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  9. Automatic check for New versions

    Bjørn Erik Nilsen
    New in this version:
    • GUI fix License info during install
    • Automatic check for New versions