XeThru Explorer for OSX 2.7.3

The XeThru Explorer Software for your Apple computer

  1. XeThru Explorer 2.7.3 for OSX

    Tore Olsen
    Added in this release:
    • Show error when recording fails.
    • Include firmware version 1.6.8.

    Changed in this release:
    • Updated to ModuleConnector 1.6.2.

    Fixed in this release:
    • Ensure X4 firmware is not installed on X2 modules.
    • Default values for the Stored Noise Map and Default Noise Map module settings are now correctly set.
    • Plot values continuously until state (background colors) change.
    • Fix intermittent problem recording from devices running XEP.
  2. XeThru Explorer 2.7.1 for OSX

    Tore Olsen
    This release fixes a few bugs introduced in v2.7.0:
    • Sleep data is now included in recordings for respiration applications again.
    • The Vital Signs Output logging setting is now remembered.
    • Signal Quality will now be displayed for respiration applications.
  3. XeThru Explorer 2.7.0 for OSX

    Tore Olsen
    Added in this release:

    • New firmware menu added, allowing for installation of older firmware versions.
    • Support for X4M202 and X4M210.
    • Support for XEP.
    • Support for configuring noise map control.
    • Autodetect device connected via FTDI USB-UART (USB VID/PID 0403/6014).
    • Support Respiration_4 and Respiration_5 profiles.
    • Show movement data, including normalized movement, in a separate window.
    • Updated ModuleConnector to v1.5.3.
    • Includes Annapurna firmware...
  4. New release available!

    Tore Olsen
    This version comes with the following changes:
    • Support for X4M200/X4M300 I/O pin control
    • Updated FW to 1.4.7
  5. XeThru Explorer v2.5.2

    Tore Olsen
    This version comes with the following changes:
    • Bug fixes
    • Support for X4M200 breathing pattern
    • Updated ModuleConnector to v1.4.2
    • Updated FW to v1.3.1
  6. XeThru Explorer V 2.5.0

    Tore Olsen
    This version comes with the following changes:
    • Added support for X4M200
    • Added support for playback from recording (X4M200 and X4M300)
    • Added interactive 3D view visualizing pulse-doppler data
    • Added options to delete and store noise map on sensor
    • Bug fixes for X4M300
    • Updated ModuleConnector to v1.2.2
    • Updated FW to v1.2.1
  7. XeThru Explorer V 2.4.0-beta

    Tore Olsen
    Change overview:
    * Updates ModuleConnector to V 1.1.8
    * Updates X4M300 FW to V 1.1.4
    * Adds support for X4M300 modules with hardware X4M02 Rev. 6
    * Adds support for UART
    * Bug fixes for X4M300
  8. Support for X4 based modules

    Tore Olsen
    • XeThru Explorer now use Module Connector for device communication
    • Support for X4M300 Presence Sensor
    • Bug fixes
  9. Baseband view

    Tore Olsen
    - View of MovementFast and MovementSlow data from Sleep Profile in X2M200.
    - View for baseband data for both Sleep and Respiration Profile in X2M200.
    - Support for viewing up to 300 seconds of history for State, Distance, RPM and Movement data.
  10. XeThru Explorer sleep profile log file format updated

    Tore Olsen
    Changelog XeThru Explorer

    - sleep profile log file format updated