XeThru Explorer for OSX 2.5.0

The XeThru Explorer Software for your Apple computer

  1. XeThru Explorer V 2.5.0

    Bjørn Erik Nilsen
    This version comes with the following changes:
    • Added support for X4M200
    • Added support for playback from recording (X4M200 and X4M300)
    • Added interactive 3D view visualizing pulse-doppler data
    • Added options to delete and store noise map on sensor
    • Bug fixes for X4M300
    • Updated ModuleConnector to v1.2.2
    • Updated FW to v1.2.1
  2. XeThru Explorer V 2.4.0-beta

    Bjørn Erik Nilsen
    Change overview:
    * Updates ModuleConnector to V 1.1.8
    * Updates X4M300 FW to V 1.1.4
    * Adds support for X4M300 modules with hardware X4M02 Rev. 6
    * Adds support for UART
    * Bug fixes for X4M300
  3. Support for X4 based modules

    Bjørn Erik Nilsen
    • XeThru Explorer now use Module Connector for device communication
    • Support for X4M300 Presence Sensor
    • Bug fixes
  4. Baseband view

    Bjørn Erik Nilsen
    - View of MovementFast and MovementSlow data from Sleep Profile in X2M200.
    - View for baseband data for both Sleep and Respiration Profile in X2M200.
    - Support for viewing up to 300 seconds of history for State, Distance, RPM and Movement data.
  5. XeThru Explorer sleep profile log file format updated

    Bjørn Erik Nilsen
    Changelog XeThru Explorer

    - sleep profile log file format updated
  6. Support for X2M200 module

    Bjørn Erik Nilsen
    New version of Xethru Explorer with support for X2M200 respiration module. RAW data output to baseband I/Q + Amplitude & Phase.
  7. Automatic check for New versions

    Bjørn Erik Nilsen
    New in this version:
    • GUI fix License info during install
    • Automatic check for New versions