XeThru Explorer for OSX 2.7.3

The XeThru Explorer Software for your Apple computer

  1. XeThru Explorer 2.7.0 for OSX

    Tore Olsen
    Added in this release:

    • New firmware menu added, allowing for installation of older firmware versions.
    • Support for X4M202 and X4M210.
    • Support for XEP.
    • Support for configuring noise map control.
    • Autodetect device connected via FTDI USB-UART (USB VID/PID 0403/6014).
    • Support Respiration_4 and Respiration_5 profiles.
    • Show movement data, including normalized movement, in a separate window.
    • Updated ModuleConnector to v1.5.3.
    • Includes Annapurna firmware v1.6.6.

    • The latest firmware is no longer forcefully installed.
    Known Issues:

    • When switching between profiles Respiration_2 or Respiration_3 and Respiration_4 or Respiration_5, the device needs to reset. On some computers this may cause a timeout. Reconnecting the device may sometimes be required.
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