XeThru Explorer for OSX 2.7.3

The XeThru Explorer Software for your Apple computer

  1. Tore Olsen
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    XeThru Explorer 2 for Mac OS allows for easy configuration of the connected XeThru radar sensor module. An intuitive user interface provides visualization of sensor data. Various logging and data storage features are available.

    Note to X2M1000 Inspiration Module Users:
    XeThru Explorer 2 does not have legacy support for X2M1000. Please use XeThru Explorer 1 (https://www.xethru.com/community/resources/xethru-explorer-for-mac-os-beta.4/download?version=20).
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Recent Reviews

  1. Nils Jaeger
    Nils Jaeger
    Version: 2.2.12 - beta
    doesn't work. firmware update fails.