XeThru Bracket 1.1

Versatile bracket for XeThru sensor modules

  1. Marius Lind Volstad
    Bracket for holding X4M03 and X4M02 (X4M200 and X4M300) modules.

    The zip contains 3D models in STL format:
    • Bracket.stl - Main bracket part
    • BracketModB.stl - Similar to Bracket.stl, but also compatible with standalone antenna module (e.g. X4M05)
    • Screw.stl - Screw to clamp the bracket onto objects
    • Screw_98per.stl - Same as Screw.stl, but slightly smaller for easier fit
    The module is fastened using 2.5mm. nylon screws, e.g.
    • Duratool DTRNSE 1207 M2.5 20
    • Duratool 1110025
    • Harwin R30-6700694

    The pictures shows the bracket printed in PLA at 0.15mm layer height.

    Print the screw standing on the threaded part, and the bracket with the left side down (seen from front with the logo) on the print bed.

    Using brim is recommended. The holes for the module might have to be cleaned using a 2.5mm drill bit.


    1. BracketOnLaptop.jpg
    2. Bracket.jpg
    3. BracketAndModule.jpg
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