XeThru Bot 1.0

LEGO Mindstorm breath/respiration simulator

  1. IngarH
    XeThru BOT
    Novelda's very own LEGO robot! Highly flexible and fully featured in plastic, it is the perfect test bed for making radar measurements. Till now, it serves the purpose as a respiration emulation environment, where even the slightest respiration movements from a baby can be accurately and repeatedly measured with our XeThru sensors. LEGO is infinitely customizable and excellent for rapid prototyping and testing out ideas.
    The XeThruBot was built using the education version of the EV3 as this has the metal ball in it. If this ball is unavailable a simple metalized Christmas tree ornament ball like the ones Ikea sells can be hot-glued to a Lego pin and used instead.

    The download includes the following files:
    1. XeThruBot_Building_Instructions_1.0.pdf - Building instructions
    2. XeTrhuBot.lxf - XeThru Bot file for Lego Digital Designer
    3. XeThruBot.ev3 - Program file for Lego Mindstorm

    LEGO Software Downloads
    Lego Digital Designer

    LEGO Mindstorm

    xehtru_bot_baby_respiration_tool.jpg xethru_bot_lego_breath2.jpg
    Using Ikea Christmas ball
    Xmas_ball.png Xmas_ball2.png