X4M300 Presence Sensor Datasheet Rev G

Human Presence sensor

  1. Update to Rev F

    kristian saether
    - Noise Map Control settings re-written. Three User Settings that control this.
    - Added description of Default Noise Map
    - Added description of default IO-pins being driven low and using tri-state with internal pull-up for high
    - Added descriptions of FW Versions 1.5.10 and 1.6.0
    - Changed description of Future versions of X4M300 in Firmware Versions chapter to make it clear this is not available yet
    - Corrected PRF setting to be within regulations in FCC chapter. Was earlier wrongly stated to 15.875 MHz. Is now the correct value 15.1875 MHz. This is a documentation change only, no changes has been done in the FW.
    - Replaced Industry Canada (IC) with ISED. ISED was formerly known as Industry Canada.
    - Updated errata list for all FW versions.
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