X4M200 Respiration Sensor Datasheet Rev E

Non-Conact Respiration Sensor

  1. Update to Rev E

    kristian saether
    - Updated to reflect changes to Firmware Version 1.6.8
    - Updated errata list for all firmware versions.
  2. Update to Rev D

    kristian saether
    - The previous two chapters to describe Baby and Adult Respiration Profile has been merged into one chapter that describes all four Respiration Profiles available from FW version 1.6.6.
    - Added Profile Settings Table for quick and easy lookup of length of Detection Zone, Fast PD length, Slow PD length and RPM Range for profiles
    - Noise Map Control settings re-written.
    - Added description of Normalized Movement Slow and Fast, which is available in all states except Initialization and Error,...
  3. Update to Rev C

    kristian saether
    - Update to reflect changes with Firmware Version 1.4.7.
    - Added FCC certification.
    - Added X4M200-TR100 and X4M201-TR100 order codes.
    - Changed description of set communication mode from 10 ms to 2 seconds.
    - Specified when it is required to route Reset pin to host.
    - Updated mechanical drawings with distances to pin header and shield box.
  4. Update to Rev B

    kristian saether
    - Update to reflect changes with firmware ver.1.3.1.
    - Added description of USRT communication mode for future FW versions.
    - Added EU Declaration of Conformity and Industry Canada approval.
    - Added information on Certification Mode and Fail Safe Mode.
    - Added description of Pulse-Doppler processing and Range-Doppler data output.
    - New function with this firmware version: Breathing pattern of closest breathing target