X4M02 Wall Bracket 1

3D model of a wall bracket for X4M02

  1. Marius Lind Volstad
    Bracket for fixing an X4M02 (also X4M200 and X4M300) module to a wall.
    The zip contains the 3D model in STL format.

    The pictures shows the bracket printed in PLA at 0.2mm layer height.
    In case the module fits loosely in the bracket, apply pieces of tape to the back of the module to increase the thickness slightly.

    Note that the antenna pattern might be influenced by the bracket, but it's probably negligible in most applications.


    1. WallBracket-Front.jpg
    2. WallBracket-Reversed.jpg
    3. WallBracket-Back.jpg
    4. WallBracket-Empty.jpg