X2M200 Sensor Module Casing 1.2

A customized casing for the X2M200 sensor Module

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    x2m200 casing.png
    Use a 3D printer to make your own XeThru X2M200 product casing. Contains 4 pieces.
    1. Casing lid
    2. Casing socket
    3. Bracket to lock module to casing
    4. LED guide (print transparent)

    Mechanical file formats available:
    • STL
    • IGES
    • STEP
    x2m200 casing lid.png x2m200 casing socket and led guide.png x2m200 lock bracket.png x2m200 led guide.png x2m200 lockbracket2.png
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Recent Updates

  1. Parts in separate files
  2. STL format added