X2M200 Respiration Module Preliminary Datasheet Rev. F

X2M200 Respiration Module Preliminary Datasheet

  1. Corrected description of radar frame

    - Corrected description of radar frame size for baseband data output in both Respiration and Sleep Profile
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  2. Change from rev.D to rev.E

    Description of MovementFast parameter from Sleep profile corrected to show this represents measurements from the last 6 seconds. Previous description said 4 seconds, which is not correct. There is no change in the X2M200 product.
  3. Description of Measurement Data

    Description of Measurement Data in Sleep Profile changed (MovementFast and MovementSlow data is available in all states except Initializing)
  4. X2M200 datasheet update - FCC and CE/ETSI information

    Updated information on regulatory compliance for FCC and CE/ETSI.
  5. X2M200 datasheet update available

    • Non-contact respiration monitoring
    • Novelda ultra-wideband (UWB) impulse radar X2 system on a chip (SoC)
    • Built-in TX and RX antennas
    • On-board ARM Cortex M4 MCU with additional SRAM for signal processing
    • Multiple interface options
    • Serial interface, UART
    • On-board USB interface
    • On-board multi-color LED for status indication
    • Single supply voltage, on-board power distribution sensor sub-system
    • FCC certified
    • CE/ETSI approved