Module Connector - UNIX 1.6.2

SW used to communicate with all XeThru modules on a host computer

  1. ModuleConnector v 1.6.2

    Christian Rødli Amble
    • Added flush_on_write option in RecordingOptions
    • Added RecordingErrorCallback in DataRecorder.
    • Improved Unicode filenames support.
    • Support for various number formats and settings for getting radar data.
    • Fixes to matlab documentation.
    • Fix datatype usage in matlab.
  2. ModuleConnector v 1.5.3

    Christian Rødli Amble
    • Implemented missing get calls in x4driver API.
    • Implemented get calls for sensitivity and led_control.
    • Added get/set tx_center_frequency.
    • Added C++ TCP/IP example.
    • Added matlab to osx distribution.
    • Updated RPi target to Raspbian based on Debian stretch. Python 3.5 and CXX11 ABI.
    • Added vitalsigns.
    • Added normalizedmovementlist.
    • RESPIRATION_4/5 support with smaller buffers for file i/o.
    • Added iopin API to X4M200/X4M300 interface.
    • Changed example names,...
  3. ModuleConnector v 1.4.3

    Christian Rødli Amble
    • Fixed build for Raspberry Pi 1/Zero.
    • Many unaligned accesses fixed for Raspberry Pi.
    • X4M300 MovingList bugfix in Matlab API.
    • More reliable fetching of parameter file when recording.
  4. ModuleConnector v 1.4.2

    Christian Rødli Amble
    • Updated examples
    • Added runtime dependencies to python modules on windows
  5. ModuleConnector v 1.4.1

    Christian Rødli Amble
    • Added updated examples
    • Fixed bug in matlab ModuleConnector constructor
    • Fixed python DataPlayer support
    • Fixed unaligned memory access while recording respiration messages on raspberry pi
  6. ModuleConnector v 1.4.0

    Christian Rødli Amble
    • Renamed library to libModuleConnector for all platforms
    • Added python3 support
    • Added 32bit python support on windows
    • Added TCP/IP support
    • Added pulse-Doppler and noisemap outputs
    • Added method to read/write multiple bytes at once to X4 SPI register
    • Updated examples
    • Added pymoduleconnector.ids python module
    • Fixed race condition in debug output
  7. Module Connector V 1.2.2

    Christian Rødli Amble
    * Added set_noisemap_control to X4M300 and X4M200 interfaces
    * Added set_parameter_file to X4M300 and X4M200 interfaces
    * Added get_profileid to X4M300 and X4M200 interfaces
    * Added support for X4M200 interface
    * Added support for storing the sensor's parameter file to disk when recording
    * Added support for storing the sensor's profile id in recording meta header
    * Fixed library issues on Raspberry Pi
    * Fixed bug in DataPlayer preventing backwards seek_ms from working correctly
    * Fixed bug...
  8. Module Connector V 1.1.8

    Christian Rødli Amble
    * Added support for playback of recorded data via DataPlayer interface
    * DataRecorder stores parameter file from module (currently no support in FW)
    * DataReader improved performance
    * DataReader fixed bug related to filtering of data
    * Added function to disable baseband output from X2M200
    * Improved performance when accessing const Byte references from Python
    * Added module file system API to XEP interface.
    * Added set_baudrate() to X4M300 interface.
    * Added reset_to_factory_preset() to...
  9. XEP support

    Christian Rødli Amble
    Added support for X4M300 and XEP interfaces.