Module Connector - MacOS 1.6.3

SW used to communicate with all XeThru modules on a host computer

  1. ModuleConnector v 1.5.3

    Christian Rødli Amble
    • Implemented missing get calls in x4driver API.
    • Implemented get calls for sensitivity and led_control.
    • Added get/set tx_center_frequency.
    • Added C++ TCP/IP example.
    • Added matlab to osx distribution.
    • Updated RPi target to Raspbian based on Debian stretch. Python 3.5 and CXX11 ABI.
    • Added vitalsigns.
    • Added normalizedmovementlist.
    • RESPIRATION_4/5 support with smaller buffers for file i/o.
    • Added iopin API to X4M200/X4M300 interface.
    • Changed example names, minor cleanups.
    • Added flush_on_write to RecordingOptions.
    • Added DataRecorder::get_recording_directory.
    • Updated noisemap_control documentation.
    • Performance improvements.
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