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Linux Debian (.deb) installers for the Salsa Software Suite

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    Debian-based (.deb) installer files required to install the Salsa Software Suite on the Salsa Development Kit. They are tailored for the processing engine of the Salsa Dev. Kit, the BeagleBone Black (BBB) platform. These can be installed in four different ways:
    1. Pre-loaded on a BBB and shipped with the Salsa Dev. kit.
    2. Copied directly onto the BBB from the provided thumb drive and installed using the shell script ( See Appendix A of Chips+Salsa Getting Started.pdf.
    3. Via the WindowsInstaller, as long as the host PC is a Windows machine connected via USB. See Step 3 of Chips+Salsa Getting Started.pdf.
    4. Updated via the Software Update tab in Salsa Web, the web-served radar viewer and utility. However, this is only an *update* install option, so it first requires an initial install.
    PC folder contains SalsaLib Debians (.deb) for a Linux host PC. This enables signal processing of live radar data on the host PC, utilizing the supplied radar-helper and DSP libraries contained in SalsaLib.
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