New Exceed EX4C01 User Manual Rev 1

The EX4C01 equips the XeThru sensors with WIFI connectivity and power

  1. kristian saether
    This is the user manual for the EX4C01 board. The EX4C01 Connectivity Board is provided by Exceed Technology. The EX4C01 WiFi Connectivity Board plugs on to the X4M200 Respiration and X4M300 Presence Sensor and creates a WiFi connected and standalone sensor. XTCBWIFI02 comes with power cable and plastic housing.

    Once powered is applied, the EX4C01 start searching for WiFi networks. Setup and configurations are done from a browser application on PC, tablet or smart phone. Once configured and connected, the module starts to stream sensor data to the network. EX4C01 is supported by XeThru Module Connector.

    This board is sold under the name XTCBWIFI02 in the XeThru Shop.