XeThru UWB radar used for indoor position tracking

Earlier in June, we shared the story of the Hanyang University student lab who developed some interesting applications with our XeThru UWB radar chips. Their initial series of test videos ranged from respiration monitoring, direction recognition, to people counting and presence detection.

Now it looks like these students were not short of ideas, as they continued to use our radar modules for new concepts. Here is the latest video they shared with us:

Indoor 2D positioning

In this video, our accurate indoor position tracking feature is tested out with the help of two XeThru radar modules placed approximately 4.5m from each other. The key point here is not only to show the detection precision (which is very nicely mapped out in the test screen), but also the discrimination factor. Here, the sensors are able to discriminate the walking test subject from the stationary fan that is placed in the detection zone.

This test just proves that the range of ideas is endless and that our chips can be easily adapted to many different types of situations from adult and baby respiration monitoring, to home automation and commercial security applications.

Thumbs up to this team of students for their innovative dedicated efforts to use our technology! We're excited to see what other ideas they have up their sleeve!