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XeThru sleep monitoring technology makes Elektronikk magazine cover and featured article

The April cover story of the Norwegian electronics magazine Elektronikk, was dedicated to sleep monitoring using the XeThru technology. Our VP of Sales and Marketing, Ingar Fredriksen, was interviewed about everything sleep monitoring and the unique technology that Novelda utilizes for this application. For our international followers, we will in this blog provide some of the highlights from the three page interview.

VP Sales & Marketing
Ingar Fredriksen - Novelda VP of Sales and Marketing

Fredriksen starts by presenting the three main focus areas for Novelda; namely sleep and medical monitoring, as well as people detection. This is just few of the possible applications for the highly accurate ultra-wideband (UWB) radar chips operating in the 6-8.5GHz band. As Fredriksen explains, the unique features of the technology is the ability to "see through" light building materials and clothes, and to detect details on a sub 1 millimeter scale. This is crucial when it comes to, for instance, monitoring the respiration of a baby. Accuracy and sensitivity alone are not enough. On the modules tailored for the medical and personal health sector, such as the X2M200 Respiration module, additional signal processing is implemented not only to detect respiration, but also to remove environmental noise from fans or HVAC.

X2m200 respiration module
X2M200 Respiration module

In the medical arena, Fredriksen states that the technology can contribute to more effective drug administration by notifying medical personnel when to exactly administer the drug (only during inhalation). This allows for significant savings in medicine cost. Other applications could be the detection of illnesses such as sleep apnea and medical imaging of the chest. When it comes to sleep tracking, XeThru monitors both respiration and movement to identify sleep stages and give an idea of one's sleep quality and habits. Based on this technology, Fredriksen states that a smart alarm clock can be developed to gently wake up the user during the most optimal sleep stage. Lastly, human presence detection is another promising focus area for XeThru. The technology can be integrated into commercial applications such as light and HVAC control, as well as evacuation monitoring. While there are other technologies that can detect presence, XeThru surpasses them with its ability to "see" people who are at rest or sleeping.

Fredriksen rounds off the interview with the extensive testing that has been conducted with the XeThru technology, such as side by side comparison with traditional polysomnographic equipment. Such testing showed that an extremely good correlation is feasible without using multiple body-worn sensors. Such convenience has spawned great interest from multiple large companies worldwide. Not to mention that XeThru technology will be used by select Norwegian Olympians to monitor their sleep habits.

The original text for the native Norwegian reader can be found here.

Novelda would like to thank Elektronikk for the article and for featuring XeThru on its front cover!