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XeThru signal attenuation testing: seeing through building panels

A few months ago, we shared the story of our capability testing project that consisted of testing XeThru’s see-through features, and compare the signal attenuation of the XeThru radar modules through different building panels.

As a quick recap, the set-up consisted of placing an attenuation box which housed an occupancy sensor, on one side of a building material and an EmblaBot on the other side. A total of 10 materials, all with different thickness levels were put to the test, ranging from the thinnest fiberboard (6mm) to the thickest brick wall (110mm). The two main interesting results came from the dry wall which only slightly attenuated the signal and the attenuation difference between the masonry blocks and the brick wall which was contradictory due to the thickness difference. The table below shows the attenuation measurement data across all the materials tested:

Attenuation measurement
Attenuation measurement data

We also created a behind the scenes video that shows how the test was conducted:

Human presence detection and tracking is a key focus area for the XeThru technology. This test confirms the sensor's see through capability and that it can be placed in any type of building establishment for security and safety applications. A commercial user scenario, for example, could be a presence detection application to ensure that no visitors are left behind or hiding inside furniture in a department store after closing hours. A building evacuation scenario where people are detected no matter where they are located or trapped under is also another example.