XeThru presence sensors take part in store experiment

A client has recently used our XeThru radar modules as part of a store experiment in the Lotte World Mall, the biggest department store in South Korea. A dozen modules were placed inside a top casual brand store, to track and record the number of daily visitors, as well as their movements around the store.

Entrance Xethru Radar Presence Sensors

Here we see two radar modules located at the entrance of the store to count the number of daily inbound/outbound customers.

Store Xethru Radar Presence Sensors

Two of the ten scattered radar modules are shown here and will monitor customers' movements around the store.

The XeThru UWB radar chips have been chosen for this experiment due to the ability to accurately detect presence and movement. Customers do not need to stand really close to the sensors to be detected, as instant detection will occur as long as they are within the detection zone (up to 4.5m away). The unique features of XeThru also allow several sensors to operate in the same area (14 in total in this case). With their low power consumption feature, the store will use the modules for the duration of the experiment without having to recharge them.

XeTrhu Radar Presence Sensors

The modules will record the data for a month ultimately giving the store a better understanding of their customers' browsing habits. Armed with this knowledge, the store could review its interior layout strategy and visual merchandising tactics to increase sales.

We look forward to receiving the actual measurement data once the project is completed and we will make sure to share them here!