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XeThru possibilities and challenges to focus

From the very beginning when we at Novelda started working on XeThru technology, we were very intrigued by the health and vital sign aspect of this technology. I mean, when we built the first prototype we put it to our chest to measure our hearth even before we did any scientific testing. The funny thing is that it worked and we saw the heart movement clearly in raw data on the first try. This was a serious motivation booster and we continued to work hard integrating and improving this solution on silicon. At that time it was mostly based on discrete components. Through experimenting with the first prototype and the chips to come, we soon discovered that there were a significant amount of opportunities in other areas than health and vital signs. This was another motivation booster that kick started a lot of dreams on what our technology could do, and as you could imagine, we wanted to do them all but did not find the time to do so. We needed to focus on a few of them, keeping the rest on hold for the future.

Through this focus we were able to develop the first chip that we presented and sold to the market. The perfectionists we were, being mostly engineers at that time this was a very hard decision, as you will never be completely done with something and you always feel that you can improve things. From then we have several successful customer stories, some of them you can see from our blog. We have never let that urge of perfectionism go and we continuously have new concepts lining up to keep our technology top of the line.

I have been with Novelda from the very beginning and the company and the team has become an important part of my life. Is has been a very fun ride so far with Novelda, and I know it is going to be no less fun in the months and years to come.