XeThru sensors power Korean presence detection and vital signs monitoring applications

Beyond Intelligent System Works (BISworks) is a South Korean smart sensing company. They specialize in smart parking systems, patient monitoring, smart sleep coaching, and energy saving systems. BISworks frequently relies on the sensing power from Novelda's X2 UWB radar in the mentioned applications. They chose Novelda due to its advanced technology offering, being well suited for their commercial applications as it displayed the best combination of resolution and performance. BISworks current focus covers these areas:

Smart parking detection

BISworks has implemented a novel smart parking algorithm that can detect more than 30 parking spaces in a 30x20m2 area, all while relying on a single radar sensor. This greatly reduces installation cost while maintaining an accurate and responsive system. With this real time parking tracking application, finding a parking space is made easy. This is critical since in larger cities up to 30% of the drivers are looking for a parking spot.

BISworks parking
BISworks smart parking detection application (image: BISworks)

Vital signs measurement

Another focus area is vital signs measurement where the XeThru UWB radar module is used to measure heart rate and respiration. BISworks has conducted real time vital sign comparisons with industry equipment that proved the high accuracy of the sensor. Heart rate monitoring was simultaneously compared with the Polar H7 heart rate sensor (mobile phone application running) and the error rate is shown to be about +/- 5. Respiration rate was also compared with Vernier’s goods with an error rate of about +/- 1. With this level of accuracy, the sensor could be used as part of an early emergency detection application that can help prevent accidents, apnea, heart attacks, etc. Home-care monitoring systems, postnatal care centers and senior facilities can highly benefit from such monitoring solution.

BISworks vital signs
BISworks vital signs measurement application (image: BISworks)

Real-time location tracking solution

BISworks has also developed a real-time location tracking application that can be used in a variety of cases where human presence detection is crucial, such as in security and energy savings systems. In these scenarios, the sensor can distinguish people from other moving objects (i.e pets), through various signal information elements such as signal quality, amplitude and respiration rate. While other sensors appear to be affected by light and temperature, the XeThru sensor is not disturbed by these elements. As a result, the error rate is extremely low.

BISworks location tracking
BISworks location tracking application (image: BISworks)

Plans for the future for BISworks is continued development of existing product lines based on XeThru technology. Here at Novelda, we are always excited to see our technology solving everyday problems for a smarter future. If your company is doing something clever with our radars, we would love to hear from you and share it on this blog!