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X2M200 Respiration sensor receives upgrade with new sleep monitoring profile

As part of Novelda’s X2 module portfolio, the X2M200 Respiration sensor has received a substantial capability upgrade and is now available for purchase. The sensor initially offered non-contact respiration monitoring by detecting body movement, presence, distance, respiration frequency and also providing breathing pattern tracking. The module is now being launched into the market with two application profiles: the respiration monitoring profile and the new sleep monitoring profile.

X2M200 Respiration sensor
X2M200 Respiration sensor with integrated sleep monitoring profile

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In addition to sharing all the capabilities of the respiration monitoring feature, the new sleep monitoring profile provides advanced respiration and movement tracking throughout the night. The profile also includes all outputs required for sleep stage analysis. After much testing, we can also state that this profile delivers quality data comparable to polysomnography (PSG), the industry's gold standard in sleep monitoring.

The X2M200 is ready to be integrated into commercial products targeting areas such as sleep monitoring, baby monitoring, elderly care, and other health monitoring applications. Click here for more information about the module upgrade.