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VitalEDGE – the nursing home solution for the future

The global geriatric population is growing at an unprecedented rate, increasing the demand for elderly care services. We are rapidly facing a situation where there are not enough caretakers to ensure each elder gets the required minimum attention and personal care. One way to mitigate this is automation of tasks that do not necessarily have to be performed by a caretaker.

To address this important challenge, Vitaledge Pte Ltd in Singapore ( has developed and launched the VitalEDGE smart nursing home solution. It is a complete solution consisting of non-contact sensors, application software that can be hosted over the cloud and a resident/patient monitoring user console.

The X4M05 based VitalEDGE non contact movement and Vital signs sensor

At the heart of the system are state-of-the-art contact less movement and vital sign sensors. Built on the Novelda XeThru X4M05 UWB radar sensor, advanced signal processing enable the sensors to accurately measure vital signs like respiration rate and heart rate, in addition to movement, bed presence etc. Gone are the days of maintenance heavy and cabled mattress sensors, wearables that needs to be charged, and the need for doctors manually measuring and logging vital signs data at specific times only. The XeThru UWB radar sensor means these measurements can be taken continuously and without any discomfort or disturbance for the resident/patient.

The VitalEDGE software is specifically designed to work seamlessly with the sensors. The software combines and analyse the sensor data and presents the data as easy to read information and notifications on the resident/patient console. Easy to understand graphic icons are used to indicate presence information such as bed presence/bed leave; vital signs like heart rate, respiration rate and sleep quality; and alerts like fall, hyperventilation or vigorous movement.

The VitalEDGE console gives the caretakers a good overview of each patients current status

VitalEDGE ’s out of the box solution transforms nursing homes into “smart” nursing homes, enhances nursing staff productivity and ensures that resident care is not compromised.

The VitalEDGE smart nursing home solution is available now. For details and more information, please contact