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The home & building automation revolution - could XeThru be the ideal technology?

Technology has been around in our homes for a long time and electric light, central climate control, alarm and entertainment systems has become a natural part of our homes and lives. All these technologies are there for our comfort and safety, but strangely enough we still have to manually start, stop and adjust how these technologies work in order to be more comfortable and feel safer in our homes.

As one of the top market trends these days, smart homes are becoming the top home improvement trend, just like with the smart phones and the smart cars. New technology is on its way to transform the aspects of our lives and how we think about our homes. Or more precisely, how our homes think about us.

We at Novelda think that we could provide the ultimate sensing technology for this purpose, XeThru sensing technology that provides information to your home or building automation system that enables it to perform in completely new ways. Imagine being able to have a continuous 2D map on your house monitoring the location of everybody in your home. If you are moving, sitting down or sleeping, your home will know how to make your life more comfortable by adjusting the light and climate control, and even your entertainment system. Imagine that it can even detect your breath rate and monitor your sleep and do what it can to make sure everything is perfect for a good night sleep. In the morning you can get a record of your sleep patterns. Imagine that lights turn on and off based on your location in the room, not only in the building. If you sit down in your favorite chair to read a book, your reading light switches on without you having to think about it. When you are home buy yourself, and you are listening to your favorite music or watching your favorite team play an important match, you can have the music follow you around your house as you move, and you can have the match recorded and paused until you get back. If you go into another room with a TV, your match will automatically resume here. If you are having people over for a party, your home knows how many are visiting and adjusts the climate control, it also puts on some background music and dims the light for you.

Imagine when you leave your home for work, you forget to lock your door and turn of the lights and by far turn on your alarm system. Your home then does all these tasks for you and the information provided by the XeThru sensors are now used for security purposes. Imagine also your home helping you in an emergency like a fire. If the fire alarm are set, the fire department are immediately being told by your home that a fire has started and that there are three people sleeping in your house, and their exact positions. The fire brigade coming to your rescue will be given updated information when they arrive at your house, if and where people are located inside.

We at Novelda think that our XeThru technology can help create a revolution in home and building automation through our XeThru technology and all the possibilities it enables.