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Non-contact snow depth measurement sensor powered by XeThru

Flat Earth developed the first non-contact snow depth sensor using XeThru technology. This rugged snow depth measurement system is designed for snow grooming operations at Alpine and Nordic Ski Areas and is in use around the world. Snow depth is measured beneath the snowcat once a second; when combined with GPS measurements a snow depth map of the resort can be created. Resorts use this information to better manage their snow making operations and their water resources. Knowing how much snow you have and where, can save a resort $10,000s in annual snow making costs. The product is called SDS-X2 and provides a robust, non-contact approach for determining snow depth in real-time. Measurement range is 0.1 to 2.0 meters with an accuracy of ± 5 cm, depending on snow depth and conditions. Flat Earth’s SDS-X2 is more cost effective and provides higher resolution than current ground penetrating radar systems used for measuring snow depth on the market today. “We chose Novelda's XeThru technology with its excellent penetration properties and unique features as the core technology in our snow depth sensor development.”, Doug Roberts CEO Flat Earth Inc., located in Bozeman, Montana, USA.