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Sleeping position guide initiates further sleep monitoring testing

Before joining the XeThru team, I had never put much thought into my sleeping habits. But as sleep monitoring is one of Novelda’s business focus areas, I knew I had to dive into the subject and educate myself a bit more. After hours of googling, reading, searching, watching videos, I can now say that I am a self-acclaimed sleep specialist with signs of early paranoia. It’s a heavy burden to possess this profound knowledge about how much lack of sleep can negatively affect a person. I now tuck in early every night to get my 8 hours of recommended sleep to avoid serious illness, sudden death and even catching the common cold. I’ve also tried to transfer my concerns to my wife who in my opinion could also benefit from sleeping more than 5 hours a night. Not much luck on that front, but on the bright side I’m avoiding any tug-of-war for the covers.

In my pursuit for more feisty facts for my wife’s conviction, I stumbled upon a very interesting study by relationship psychologists Corinne Sweet and Travelodge - "The ultimate guide to couples sleeping positions." The study recognizes the most common sleeping positions for couples and what they mean for one’s relationship. The relationship part of the study is beyond the scope of this blog, but what's interesting is using the results from the study as test scenarios for our X2M200 respiration sensor. Based upon earlier tests, we achieved successful respiration tracking regardless of sleeping position - when sleeping alone. Our respiration sensor locks on the target in pretty much any sleeping position. But with 2 people in the same bed this is by far a more challenging task. Now with our inspiration in full gear, our next testing plan would be to test these sleeping positions with our sensor and give the XeThru stamp of approval to the ones that pass our test! Stay tuned!

Sleeping positions guide
Corinne Sweet and Travelodge - The ultimate guide to couples sleeping positions