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CES 2016 highlights and sleep monitoring technology

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 has just wrapped up in Las Vegas and every year, this global trade show lifts technology and imagination to the next level. The sky is the limit with companies showing off their latest tech innovations driving this industry evolution. Let’s take a look at what Novelda’s staff in sin city drooled over.

Ehang created a massive crowd pleaser unveiling their Ehang 184 passenger drone at CES. Controlled by a tablet and capable of flying 60mph, the world first drone is capable of carrying a human passenger. This beautiful carbon draped quadcopter challenges personal transportation to take to the skies and also could be used for future local travels.

Ehang drone
Ehang drone (image: Techcrunch)

Unsurprisingly, IoT and smart home technology boasted substantial momentum at the show. This technology segment is riding on a massive notion that it will enter more than half of American homes in 2016. A plethora of smart products were unveiled, from Samsung’s smart fridge to Amazon's cloud-based virtual assistant Alexa and robot vacuums. However, the “Smartshoe” from Digitsole really caught our attention. The self-fastening futuristic shoe comes with a self-fastening mechanism and includes heater and sensors in the sole, all controlled by an app. Looks like we weren’t too far off the October 21st, 2015 prediction!

Digitsole Smartshoe (image: Mashable)

Sleep and health technology were undoubtedly quite prominent at CES with fitness and health monitoring companies displaying a hive of trackers and body worn sensors. However, when it came to sleep technology, we observed that most contenders were showcasing sleep monitoring technologies based on contact. Whether it be a ring, bracelet or a mattress sensor, sleepers are bound to have some kind of device attached to their body or very close to where they sleep.

Sleep tech
Non-contact sleep technology

For Novelda, comfort is a big focus when it comes to consumer products. That’s why we take pride in our technology that it is completely non-invasive. With comfort in mind, Novelda developed its XeThru technology so that it can be implemented in consumer sleep monitoring products and blend seamlessly in any environment. Our monitoring sensors can be placed on a nightstand or in the ceiling above one’s bed – no direct contact needed. We at Novelda, understand the importance and rise of sleep technology as an additional crucial gateway for one to improve sleep quality and we strive to deliver the very best in this area.