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Sensing technology: the engine of tomorrow's smart home

Visions about an automated smart home have been around for a while, but now more than ever is the dream of having a Jetsons home close to becoming a reality. Smart home and building systems are mushrooming in the market, all promising to revolutionize the way we live and work.

Tech giants such as Apple, Google and Samsung are battling to own the dominant platform in the smart home industry, while startups are eagerly trying to enter the market. An example of the latter is Future Home, a Sandnes-based smart home tech company who won a 100,000NOK innovation award last month at the NuTek Hardwarethon Challenge. More and more people are finding this home automation trend appealing and believing it is the way of the future. A report cited by CNN estimated that the connected home market is due to become a $44 billion industry by 2017. The smart home revolution is nowhere close to being a fad and is definitely here to stay. Homes and buildings are being transformed into automated thinking stations and, as a result, becoming smarter and safer places. Still objects are brought to life with seamless automation and home owners are given more intuitive control of their electrical objects.

We at Novelda understand the essence of home automation systems and own the technology to make it happen. From turning lights on and off when you enter a room, to monitoring you and your family’s breathing when asleep; our smart sensor technology uses electromagnetic waves to see where other sensor technologies are blind. All this while hidden behind walls or inside casings. In addition to these capabilities, our sensing technology enables proximity detection for nearby interaction and distance to objects. Our most outstanding feature, is the flexibility and ability to combine all these sensor features through adaptive sensing; making our smart sensor technology highly flexible and robust.

We are excited to be part of this smart home revolution and believe that XeThru is the ultimate sensing technology for smart home and building systems.

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