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Home automation, robot appliances and XeThru: a likely combination

Robotics used in home appliances today are becoming a part of the everyday living for people around the world, carrying out everyday tasks like vacuuming your home and mowing the lawn. The trend is also going in a direction where domestic chores are assigned to robots, freeing time for us to spend with friends, children or just relax. Current robots faces challenges in conditions we regard as normal. XeThru has the advanced sensing capabilities required in order to enable the robots of tomorrow to be able to cope with all the different kinds of obstacles in people’s homes, be it glass walls or shining surfaces, thin legs from a chair or long curtains hanging down to the floor. In order to address these problems we wanted to see if we with XeThru could overcome these challenges by making a prototype sensor and connect it to a robot, we conducted a little experiment. Utilizing some of the unique features of the XeThru technology like penetration capabilities and resolution, we have investigated how one or several XeThru sensors can be configured and used to provide a highly efficient robot vision. Different vision techniques were investigated during this test. With emphasis on a real-time solution with moderate signal processing requirements, the preferred method was conducting measurements integrated with robot movement information. By combining these elements, greater vision accuracy can be achieved with less computational resources. The alternative technique is the widely used SAR technique, which does not rely as much on sensor interaction, but on the other hand requires substantial signal processing. The result from this experiment is presented in the video.