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Remote elderly care and XeThru radar sensors

With an aging independent population and great distances separating parents and children, the need for elderly remote care is now greater than ever.

Until now, keeping a remote eye on loved ones, especially the elderly, has literally involved watching them with a surveillance camera. For many, this is an unacceptable invasion of privacy and also raises security concerns in case anyone else was able access this information.

XeThru removes the intrusion and security concerns associated with using cameras because it provides the same functionality by using radio waves and clever algorithms and processing to identify people. Being able to detect even the smallest movements, such as a person’s chest movement while breathing, combined with other characteristics, there is no need to reproduce an actual visual image as in the case of a camera.

With our radar sensors, remote monitoring is made possible and caring relatives can be assured that loved ones are safely living independently. So as Rory Dear mentions in his latest Embedded Computing article IoT and elderly, looks like we are a part of the elderly care revolution!