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Novelda as Top 10 Home Healthcare Solution Providers by Healthcare Tech Outlook

In their July 2018 magazine edition, Healthcare Tech Outlook rewarded Novelda by selecting us as one of the “Top 10 Home Healthcare Solution Providers 2018”. We are proud and thankful for the opportunity to explain in depth how the XeThru sensors can be applied to monitor the health of babies, elderly, patients - or simply those who want to be aware of their daily health status.

“We are pleased to see that the Healthcare Tech Outlook magazine recognizes the value of XeThru sensors for the digital health and home care.”
- Kristian Saether, Product Marketing Director at Novelda

But the opportunities do not stop there; with the XeThru sensors' ability to detect human presence, it can also be applied to automate households and control lighting and HVAC systems, be integrated in safety/security systems for a more efficient evacuation e.g. in case of a fire or to optimize burglar alarms – just to mention a few. The opportunities are simply innumerable.

Quotation markTo help CIOs find the best solutions, a distinguished panel compromising CEOs, CIOs, analysts, and the Healthcare Tech Outlook’s editorial board has selected the leading home healthcare solution providers. Quotation mark

- Healthcare Tech Outlook

Medical Treatment, Health Insurance, and Assisted Living Facilities Costs on the Rise

According to the New York Post, 1 in 4 Americans is unable to receive necessary medical care due to the constantly increasing cost of hospital treatment.1 From 2007 to 2018, healthcare prices have increased 25% more than the general economic rate of inflation.2 With the cost of Health Insurance premiums in the U.S. constantly rising, millions of Americans are coerced to look for alternative solutions to get the care they need.

Carescout collected data across the U.S. to cover the 2017 status of the cost of different types of home health assistance. The report found that the annual national median cost of Home Health Aide was $49,192; Assisted Living Facility: $45,000; a semi-private room in a Nursing Home Care: $85,775, while a private room was $97,455. The prices are projected to continue to increase significantly each year.3

New, Cost-Effective Solutions

Advancements in modern, innovative technology are now allowing physicians to not only get a more precise insight into the patient’s current health status, but also monitor crucial factors that let patients take necessary preventative actions before any abnormalities may occur. Retrofitting a home with sensor technologies comes at a much lower cost than the traditional approach of assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

Novelda’s XeThru sensors are fully designed for simple home health monitoring with its precise tracking of vital signs, and with the presence sensor, it can also detect even the smallest movements. If the user falls and can't get up, the XeThru sensor can detect the fall and do post-fall monitoring.

With connectivity software, it can alert the selected contacts such as relatives or health personnel. This allows the user to go about their everyday lives with a piece of mind, knowing that if an emergency was to occur, someone would be notified right away. With its small size, the XeThru sensor is highly flexible and can be discretely placed based on the user’s preference - be it on the wall, ceiling, nightstand etc.

Read more about our Respiration and Presence Sensors

The X4M200 Respiration Sensor can monitor sleep and respiration, and is targeted for applications such as sleep monitoring, baby monitoring, elderly care, and other health monitoring applications.

The X4M300 Presence Sensor can detect presence of stationary targets up to a 9.4m distance and it is targeted for a variety of applications including security, lighting and HVAC control.

The original article by Healthcare Tech Outlook can be found here.