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Megahealth’s non-contact sleep apnea monitoring solution receives medical approval

One of the most severe sleeping disorders is Sleep Apnea Syndrome (SAS). SAS is estimated to affect about 4% of men and 2% of women in US, and the complications of sleep apnea include high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, daytime sleepiness as well as difficulty concentrating, thinking and remembering.

Realizing the extent of this problem and how difficult it is to get a diagnosis done, Megahealth, a Shanghai based medical electronics company, have developed the world’s first commercially available non-contact sleep apnea monitoring solution, the M+ Smart Wireless Sleep Monitor. Based on the XeThru UWB impulse radar, it accurately measures not only sleep amount and quality, but also the medical parameter Apnea–Hypopnoea Index (AHI) used to indicate the severity of sleep apnea. The measurements are so accurate that the M+ have received medical approval, and is now being used by doctors to pre-diagnose SAS in the patient’s home.

M+ Smart Wireless Sleep Monitor

The M+ Smart Wireless Sleep Monitor from Shanghai MegaHealth

"Finding the right technology partner was critical to our development” says Wang Jian Jun, COO of Shanghai Megahealth. ”We found a few sensor solutions available that can do non-contact vital signs monitoring, but they all have severe limitations. Novelda however, with their unique UWB impulse radar sensor technology, has effectively overcome all these limitations. Combined with Megahealth’s own medical-grade hardware system and patented analysis algorithm, the M+ Sleep Monitoring system accurately measures respiration rate, respiration amplitude, whole body movement, sleep time, sleep cycles and AHI”.

Comparison of technologies

Comparison of different sleep tracking technologies

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