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Flat Earth releases new version of Chips+Salsa

FlatEarth introduces the second comprehensive release of its Chips+Salsa Radar Development Kits and Salsa Software Suite. The software release is replete with enhancements, added features, and bug fixes. On the hardware side a new planar-styled antenna cape is available for the Ancho. Some of the highlights are the following:

SalsaWeb update SalsaWeb has a new, encompassing format with Signal Conditioning on the left, Register Settings on the right, and Radar-Scans in the center. It re-configures automatically to adjust to user platform, be it desktop or tablet. Many of the SalsaWeb demos are enhanced with added robustness and features, including Zone Sense, Doppler, and Respiration. The Doppler Demo benefits from autoscaling and high-res image plots, while the Respiration Demo has been refactored to include the respiration waveform and a more accurate respiration rate, in breaths per minute (bpm), over time with 1 bpm resolution.

The Embedded Demos have been overhauled as well to include improved plotting and data visualization techniques. Higher resolution Doppler plots, autoscaling, and axes labels in Gnuplot further aid the developers understanding of the radar signal. Preliminary support for the new Debian Linux Kernel 4.1, Jessie, has been added to Salsa so the user can simultaneously use Chips+Salsa and take advantage of upgrades in Linux on the BeagleBone Black. Other utility packages like SalsaLab and SalsaPy have been updated with an improved connector installation and bug fixes. Furthermore, much of the software has been condensed and optimized for speed and resiliency.

SalsaWeb update

Finally, FlatEarth is offering an alternative antenna cape for the Ancho Dev. Kit. A high-gain, planar antenna is now available for longer range applications with the Ancho.

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