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X4M200 and X4M300 receive regulatory approvals

The X4M200 Respiration Sensor and the X4M300 Presence Sensor is now officially certified by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) and Industry Canada (IC) regulatory bodies. Adding to the existing CE / ETSI approval, this means the Novelda sensors now have regulatory approval covering the majority of the World Wide Markets.

Both the X4M200 Respiration Sensor and the X4M300 Presence Sensor uses the X4M02 hardware, and it is the X4M02 hardware that now has received modular approval both with FCC and IC. Modular approval means customers can use these sensors in their end products without running UWB RF specific tests through a Telecommunications Certification Body. This significantly shortens time to market and reduce cost for customers using these products in their end products.


For detailed information about the regulatory approvals please refer to the X4M200 and X4M300 Sensor Modules' datasheets.

IC Certification Number: 22782-X4M02