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Exceed Technology Signs VAR Agreement to Promote XeThru Sensor Technology in China and Singapore

As part of our efforts to accelerate our growth in Asia, we are pleased to announce that Exceed Technology has signed up with Novelda as a Value Added Reseller (VAR). With primary focus on Greater China and Singapore, Exceed Technology also serves the worldwide market as an ODM specialized on Novelda’s XeThru sensor technology.

A.K. Tan, Managing Director of Exceed Technology and Bjørn Åge Brandal, Novelda's VP of Sales and Marketing in Asia

Exceed Technology is an independent, privately owned company with headquarters in Shenzhen, China, and already has a long and well-established relationship with Novelda. Having worked for several years as a registered design partner for Novelda they have acquired extensive knowledge of the XeThru technology, and have in-house expertise not only on UWB radar technology and antenna designs, but also on wireless technologies like 4G, WiFi, BLE, LoRa etc. With their own wholly owned manufacturing facility, Exceed technology also provides a complete One-Stop solution for any embedded project, all the way from concept and design to prototyping and volume manufacturing.

After having worked with Novelda for many years, studied their technology in depth and developed customized solutions using the XeThru technology, we are very happy to now also being able to resell this groundbreaking and unique technology.

- A.K. Tan, Managing Director of Exceed Technology.

In addition to being a reseller of the Novelda XeThru products and sensors, and providing design and manufacturing services, they have also developed a range of off-the-shelf-products based on our sensors. These include the VitalCARE non-contact Heart rate and respiration sensor and the VitalSCAN human presence detection unit. These products have WiFi connectivity and can easily interface to any existing Wireless network and back-end system. Exceed Technology also offers WiFi connectivity add-on boards for Novelda’s standard sensors and can modify and customize any of these products to a customer’s specific requirement.

Read more about our Respiration and Presence Sensors

The X4M200 Respiration Sensor can monitor sleep and respiration, and is targeted for applications such as sleep monitoring, baby monitoring, elderly care, and other health monitoring applications.

The X4M300 Presence Sensor can detect presence of stationary targets up to a 9.4m distance and it is targeted for a variety of applications including security, lighting and HVAC control.

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