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Exceed Technology launches WiFi board for the XeThru Sensor Modules

With the availability of WiFi connection pretty much anywhere, one of the most requested features for our XeThru based sensor offering has been out-of-the-box options for wireless connectivity. To meet this demand we have worked closely together with our partner Exceed Technology to develop a WiFi add-on board for our sensors, the EX4C01 board.

The EX4C01 WiFi add-on board

The EX4C01 is designed to work with the X4M200 Respiration sensor and X4M300 Presence sensor, and will also work with other future sensors built on the same X4M02 Sensor Hardware. The EX4C01 is delivered complete with a power supply and encapsulation to enable a plug and play wireless sensor solution.

The EX4C01 WiFi kit, shown with an X4M200 mounted (must be purchased separately)

Supporting both STATION and AP modes, the module can easily be provisioned through the AP (Access Point) provisioning method using any standard web browser, and once the network is configured and connected the module will operate in Station (WiFi device) mode and streams sensor data to the network. EX4C01 is supported by XeThru Module Connector and will also be supported directly in XeThru Explorer later this year.

Easy provisioning and setup through any web browser

You can find the schematics and user manual for the EX4C01 WiFi kit on our resources pages and the WiFi kit can be purchased from our webshop under ordering code XTCBWIFI02