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Easy breath simulation with XeThru Bot

What does LEGO Mindstorms and a baby have in common? The answer can be found in our latest video featuring the XeThru Bot and one of our distinguished engineers. XeThru Bot is a robot built from LEGO and serves the purpose as a repeatable test bed where multiple scenarios can be emulated and measured with our high accuracy sensors.

One emulation is the respiration of a baby and detecting the tiny movements coming from the baby’s chest when inhaling and exhaling. By outfitting the XeThru Bot to move a metal sphere in a defined pattern, it is easy to perform accurate and repeatable measurements. The system, being largely made from plastic, is ideal since it reduces the number of undesired reflections.

As seen in the video, our engineer Jan Roar outfits the XeThru Bot with a 2cm metal sphere to emulate the radar cross section of a baby’s chest. The sphere is moved back and forth 4mm while data is being recorded with the XeThru Explorer PC application. The recorded data is compared with those taken from a sleeping baby - and we can see that they perfectly match.

Interested in making and testing this yourself? Order one of our kits and build your own XeThru Bot by downloading the building instructions from our community web. Happy LEGO making and make sure to send us your test videos!