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Arduino XeThru Radar Tutorial: controlling an LED with your breath

At Novelda, we are pleased when our XeThru modules find a new application - however it is extra special when developers also share their hardware setup, code and learnings.

One such tutorial recently got posted by Maker Øyvind Dahl at Build Electronic Circuits where he has written about his experience connecting the XeThru X2M1000 (module that enables both respiration monitoring and presence detection) with an Arduino UNO to control the brightness of an LED with his breath. In the tutorial, there is a description of the hardware and how a simple level converter and a breadboard connects the Arduino and XeThru module together. The converter was used to interface the 2.8V levels of the radar with the 5V of the Uno. An example code is also shown in the post.

How to connect

This is a good example for anyone to build on for their own application - or do what Øyvind did, namely fade an LED with his breath. In his video, you can see how the RGB LED fades in and out with his breath, and also how it fades in and out faster as his respiration rate increases.

This great tutorial even found its way to Hackaday. Excellent work Øyvind!

Now it's your turn- follow the tutorial and create your own radar-based respiration detector, and share your findings in our community!