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An introduction to sleep monitoring using the X2M200 sensor

Sleep is important for a person's immune, nervous, skeletal, and muscular systems. Both body and mind are recharged during a night's sleep. Sleep length and quality are important factors to understanding one's sleep health, and they can both be derived from the output of the X2M200 sensor. The X2M200 is based on Novelda’s proprietary, highly integrated X2 system-on-chip (SoC), and provides highly accurate measurements of a person's breathing frequency, distance, movement, and signal quality information.

Figure 1 - An Introduction to sleep monitoring app note

But measuring the millimeter movement from the chest of a sleeping person is a challenging task and understanding how to place the sensor is a crucial part of product development. Our latest application note, An Introduction to sleep monitoring, looks into how to setup, acquire data , troubleshoot and visualize a night’s sleep using the X2M200 sensor.

Figure 2- A good night's sleep (example data plot)

Example data/log files (a full night recording) and a phyton script are provided for data visualisation in the download below.

Download application note

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