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Advanced sensor development with XeThru technology

I am very proud to have our new XeThru technology ready for advanced sensor development. XeThru sensors target a range of commercial and industrial applications, including those in the fast-growing Internet of Things (IOT) market. Our strategy is to support strategic customers to design sensors with extraordinary capabilities. In the future we will make the technology more available for a wider customer base in addition to students and design communities. The core component of the XeThru technology is a high frequency CMOS chip combined with advanced signal processing algorithms. Our second-generation chip X2 (previously called 6201) is now fully tested and in production at TSMC in Taiwan. A complete datasheet is available under NDA. Our first generation chip X1 (previously called 6100) is today designed into many impressive applications like land mine detectors, snow depth measurements, rescue equipment and more. The X1 operates at a lower frequency then X2 and can therefore look deeper into the ground and through walls. The X2 chip is tuned to detect people inside buildings, and have in addition a wide application reach from robot vision and industrial automation to surveillance systems. If your company has a need for a differentiation in sensors we believe we can help you. Our sensors use radio waves, rather than infrared, ultrasound or light, to sense over distances up to 30 metres. XeThru sensors see through obstacles, are unaffected by dust, smoke, moisture or darkness, and function reliably in harsh and dirty environments. We are working hard to make easy to use technology including both HW reference designs and development tools for design and verification. Let us know what you are up to so we better understand how we can support you.