Xethru is a new advanced sensor-technology
for tracking of people for comfort and safety

See Through

The ability to see through objects enables hidden, tamper proof sensors that builds into walls.


Presence tells you if someone is in the detection zone.


Detecting the smallest motions, as those from a person breathing.


Proximity tells you if someone is within a certain range.


Measuring distance to all detected objects, enables counting and speed measurements.

See through the wall sensing human presence on the other side.

Presence triggered light adjustment for comfort energy saving

Motion detection for vital sign and sleep monitoring

Proximity for nearby interaction and user interfaces.

Distance and position detection allows tracking and advanced home automation.

Customer Stories

A world of possibilites and success stories

Doug Roberts
CEO, Flat Earth

We have found the XeThru Technology to be superior to other technology we tried.

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Dan Axelsson
CEO, Cinside

The HumanFinder is a sensor, incorporating a XeThru transceiver, capable of detecting and determine the position of trapped victims.

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Latest Blog Posts

Get a glimpse inside XeThru
Friday, March 6, 2015

As I'm writing this, I'm returning home from San Francisco, having attended the 2015 International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC).

As was pointed out in a conference keynote; analog design is all about learning. And in my opinion, the ISSCC is the perfect venue for it.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

At Novelda, we look back on yet another exciting year full of highlights. In 2014, the XeThru technology was launched as our future foundation for smart sensing and everything connected. With XeThru, Radar systems are introduced into our daily lives, detecting our respiration patterns and movements around our homes. What used to be multi-million dollar installations, are now realized with smart and adaptive algorithms on an integrated device no bigger than the head of a match.